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Wander + Cloth

Wanderlust Floral Kimono

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All who wander are not lost. The Wanderlust Floral Kimono will take a simple outfit and elevate it to that carefree, easy and fashionable look you desire. 

Throw this kimono on over a basic white tank like the one pictured along with our Amber Skinny Ankle Jeans or even a basic black dress. The possibilities are endless with a wardrobe staple like this. 

Size Guide:
1XL - Bust: 70", Waist: 70", Hip: 70", Length: 28", Sleeve Length: 16"
2XL - Bust: 78", Waist: 78", Hip: 78", Length: 29", Sleeve Length: 17"
3XL - Bust: 80", Waist: 80", Hip: 80", Length: 30", Sleeve Length: 18"

Shown wearing a 2XL in the kimono and a 3XL in the jeans.

Fabric: 100% Rayon